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A hotel room in the middle of nature near Stadskanaal

If you want a unique and relaxing experience during your stay in Stadskanaal, we invite you to come and enjoy yourself at Camping de Berken in Gasselte. Here, you can experience the beauty of nature while staying in our beautiful hotel rooms that are seamlessly integrated. Our Birch studios and other accommodations are specially designed to offer you the highest level of luxury and comfort, allowing you to relax fully. These unique rooms are set amid forests and enchanting heathlands, in the breathtaking landscape of Drenthe.

Camping de Berken is a true paradise for lovers of hiking and cycling, providing the perfect base for endless explorations. Our campsite has spacious cottages suitable for couples and even families of up to six people, allowing you to enjoy optimum privacy and comfort during your stay. Each hotel room in the middle of the countryside of Drenthe has been carefully designed to create a warm and cosy atmosphere so that you will feel right at home. We very much look forward to welcoming you at Camping de Berken, where you will experience an unforgettable stay in nature.

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Master bedroom Chalet 6-persoons de luxe in Drenthe

Therefore a hotel room near Stadskanaal!

  • Quiet location 13 km from Stadskanaal
  • Spacious bed and breakfast for 2, 4 and 6 persons
  • Fully equipped
  • Own kitchen
  • Sunshade or canopy
  • Luxury veranda plus outdoor set
  • Television and wifi
  • Comfortable beds
  • Pleasant bathroom
  • Parking next to the accommodation
  • Beautiful cycling and walking routes from the campsite
  • Several dolmens within walking and cycling distance from the campsite
  • Surrounded by woods and heathland
  • Ideal base due to central location
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Our hotel rooms in the countryside of Drenthe


A relaxing stay at Camping de Berken

Discover the advantages of a naturally located hotel room near Stadskanaal, where you can easily park near your room, which is especially convenient if you have a lot of luggage with you. The serene surroundings provide the ideal opportunity to fully enjoy nature. You will also benefit from a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable bathroom.

Relax in our cosy lobby, also known as 'the living room', while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Camping de Berken is surrounded by an area with numerous walking and cycling routes, allowing you to explore the beautiful nature right from your hotel room. This ensures an extra special and relaxing experience during your stay in our studios and chalets.

So don't hesitate any longer and choose a 'hotel room' in nature, so you can enjoy the peace and relaxation our campsite has to offer.

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Chalet 4-persoons de luxe

Breakfast service: the same luxury as in a hotel

At our hotel room in Gasselte near Stadskanaal, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, just like in a real hotel or bed & breakfast. We have a sandwich service, in cooperation with our local baker 'Echte Bakker Timmer'. You can choose from a wide range of rolls, such as croissants, kaiser rolls, tiger rolls and much more. You can order sandwiches and other treats a day in advance, until 5pm, at It makes it easy to put together and order your breakfast online. Fancy something sweet? In addition to fresh bread, you can order all kinds of treats, such as cake or chocolate, to make your breakfast even more festive. You can buy spreads, regional products and other food and drink in our forgotten groceries shop. So you start your day well and with a smile on your face.

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Naturally the dog can come along!

At Camping de Berken, we understand that your dog is an important member of your family and that you would like to spend your holiday together with your four-legged friend. That is why we welcome not only you, but also your dog to our campsite in Gasselte! Whether you choose a hotel room for 2 or 4 persons, we offer accommodation where your beloved pet will feel as comfortable as you do.

Moreover, all our accommodations are located in the middle of beautiful nature. In the vicinity of Camping de Berken you will find plenty of beautiful hiking trails and nature reserves that you can explore together with your dog and experience adventures. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing walk through the woods or an energetic hike across the moors, there is something for everyone.

So bring your faithful companion and enjoy an unforgettable holiday together at Camping de Berken. Experience the warm hospitality and comfort of our accommodation specially equipped for dogs while exploring the beautiful surroundings of Gasselte, Drenthe and Groningen with your four-legged friend.

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Berkenstudio de luxe binnen

Stay in comfort in a Berkenstudio or Berkenstudio de Luxe

Our studios are carefully designed and fully equipped to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You can relax on the veranda and enjoy the peace and quiet of the nature around you. Each studio is equipped with a convenient kitchenette, so you can prepare your own meals and have the freedom to choose when and where you want to eat.

The comfortable beds in our hotel rooms ensure that you wake up each morning rested, ready for a new day of adventures. There is also free Wi-Fi and a television in each accommodation, so you can always stay connected to the outside world.

To make your stay even more convenient, we also offer extra services. If you prefer not to bring your own bedding and towels, you can book a sheet set, towel set or kitchen towel set with us. That way, you can enjoy your holiday without any worries, knowing that everything has been taken care of for you.

In short, our hotel rooms in the beautiful countryside of Gasselte offer you everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay. From the serene veranda to the well-equipped kitchenette, from the comfortable beds to the modern amenities, we aim to make your stay unforgettable and let you enjoy all the comforts you are used to at home.

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Discover the surroundings of our hotel rooms near Stadskanaal

Stadskanaal and its surroundings offer a range of possibilities for a pleasant and fascinating stay. Located on the border of the province of Groningen and Drenthe, Camping de Berken is the perfect base for exploring the beautiful nature of Drenthe. The campsite is surrounded by forests and lush greenery, making it a paradise for cycling and hiking. From the campsite you can easily explore National Park de Drentsche Aa and the Unesco Global Geopark de Hondsrug, where you can admire numerous dolmens.

But there is so much more to experience in the area. For example, you can visit the museums in Assen and Groningen, where you can discover everything about the history and culture of these provinces. For relaxation and recreation, there are various possibilities, such as swimming in the pools of the recreation area 't Gasselterveld. Hiking or mountain biking are also well worthwhile!

In short, Camping de Berken is the ideal place to stay if you want to discover more of Drenthe and Groningen. It offers peaceful and natural surroundings where you can fully relax. Located in Gasselte, it also serves as a perfect base for exploring other beautiful locations in the area.

Discover the surroundings of our campsite in Gasselte

Impression of our hotel rooms in the countryside