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Rent a holiday home in Gasselte at Camping de Berken

If you are looking for a holiday cottage in Gasselte, Camping de Berken is the place to be! Our campsite offers various options for renting cottages. We have 4-person rental chalets, ideal if you want to go on holiday with your family. There are also 6-person rental chalets available, for slightly larger parties. And if you prefer to go on holiday with just the two of you, there are also 2-person cottages available. The rental chalets come in both standard and luxury versions, depending on your wishes and budget. Camping de Berken is beautifully located in Gasselte, which ensures that you can enjoy nature and peaceful surroundings during your holiday. So if you are looking for a fine holiday home in Gasselte, you have come to the right place at Camping de Berken.

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Master bedroom Chalet 6-persoons de luxe in Drenthe

Therefore a holiday home in Gasselte!

  • Quiet location
  • Spacious holiday homes for 2, 4 and 6 persons
  • Fully equipped
  • Own kitchen
  • Sunshade or canopy
  • Luxury veranda plus outdoor set
  • A television and wifi
  • Comfortable beds
  • Fine bathroom
  • Parking next to the accommodation
  • Beautiful cycling and walking routes from the campsite
  • Several dolmens within walking and cycling distance from the campsite
  • Surrounded by woods and heathland
  • Ideal base due to central location
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Chalet met frontkamer in Drenthe

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings: rent a chalet in Gasselte

At Camping de Berken in Gasselte, it is possible to rent a chalet for a relaxing holiday. Various options are available, such as 4-person rental chalets and 6-person rental chalets. For extra comfort, there is also the option of choosing a luxury version of the chalets. All chalets are fully equipped with a television, a kitchen and comfortable beds.

We have also thought about your stay with a pet, as a number of 4-person chalets are suitable for a stay with a dog. Another plus of the chalets is the veranda, where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings. In short, renting a chalet in Gasselte offers everything you need for a great holiday. Book your ideal chalet now and enjoy a relaxing stay in these beautiful surroundings.

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Experience an unforgettable holiday in Gasselte

Gasselte, located in the province of Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands, is surrounded by enchanting nature. Forests, moors and vast meadows form the backdrop of this picturesque village. Within easy reach of Gasselte are several nature reserves, such as the Drouwenerzand and the Gasselterveld. These areas offer endless opportunities for walking and cycling tours, making Gasselte an ideal base for nature lovers.

A short distance from Gasselte are also several sights worth seeing, such as the Hunebedcentrum in Borger and the amusement park Drouwenerzand. As a result, there is plenty to do for people interested in culture and entertainment. But that's not all! In the area around Gasselte, there are plenty of opportunities for sporting activities, such as golfing, horse riding and water sports on the nearby lakes.

Whether you are looking for peace and nature, or adventure and activity, Gasselte has something for everyone. Gasselte is a village characterised by its beautiful nature, various attractions and numerous opportunities for sports activities. Discover this versatile destination and be surprised by all the beauty Gasselte has to offer.

Discover the surroundings!
Chalet 4-persoons de luxe
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Explore the surroundings of Gasselte!

There are plenty of activities and sights to explore near Gasselte. We have listed a top five of the most enjoyable destinations for you!

Nationaal Park Drentsche Aa: This beautiful nature reserve offers a vast landscape with forests, moors and meandering streams. It is the perfect place for hiking, cycling or just enjoying the peace and beauty of nature.

Hunebedcentrum in Borger: Here you can learn more about prehistory and the mysterious hunebeds that can still be found in this area.

Boomkroonpad Outdoor Centre: For an adventurous experience, here you can literally walk among the treetops and enjoy breathtaking views.

Drouwenerzand Amusement Park: If you are looking for a bit more excitement and thrills, visit this amusement park. It offers several attractions and is especially suitable for families with children.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen: Last but not least, a visit to this zoo should not be missed. Here you can admire the most exotic animals up close and enjoy various shows and attractions.

There is plenty to experience and discover near Gasselte!

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Frequently asked questions about renting a holiday home in Gasselte

What are the arrival and departure times?

When renting a cottage in Gasselte, you can arrive from 15:00. For departure, you must leave the cottage before 10:00. These times are set to ensure that the cottage is ready in time for the next guests.

How can I check availability?

To check whether the cottage is available on the desired date, you can consult the calendar on our website. This calendar lists the available and occupied dates so you can easily plan your stay.

Are pets allowed?

At our campsite, there are 4-person chalets and two Birch Studios where dogs are allowed. If you would like to bring your dog, you can book one of these accommodations. Please note that there are extra costs involved and certain rules regarding the stay of pets.

Where can I park?

At the holiday cottage, you can easily park your car next to the cottage. This is very convenient as it means you do not have to walk far with your luggage. In addition, you can always park your car close to your accommodation, so you can leave quickly and easily for trips in the area.

What are the cancellation conditions?

To cancel your stay, we apply the standard RECRON conditions. These conditions lay down rules regarding cancellations and any costs that may be involved. We always advise you to take out cancellation insurance, so you will not be unpleasantly surprised by unforeseen circumstances that may affect your holiday plans.

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