Mountain biking in Drenthe

Do you want to go for a mountainbike ride in Drenthe? Then Camping de Berken is the perfect place to discover the variegated mountain bike routes in Drenthe. Whether you want to go out by yourself or prefer to be accompanied, everything is possible. If you would like to be accompanied by a mountain biker or would like to polish up your technique, you can go to MTB de hondsrug.

If you want to go out on your own, you can do so from the campsite, where you can hook up with the Gasselte/Gieten route at 1.5 km. Also the renewed route of Exloo is close by. Below we have listed both routes.

Mountainbikeroute Gasselte Gieten.jpg

Route Gieten/Gasselte

Place: Gieten-Gasselte

Length of the route: The route is 29.5 kilometres long.

Markers: The route is marked by plastic posts with the international MTB sign in red (triangle with 2 circles underneath). Connecting routes and two short cuts are marked by the black MTB sign.

Start location: You can start the route at:
– Car park along Nijslootsweg (Gieten)
– Car park at ’t Nije Hemelriek, Houtvester Jansenweg 1, 9462 TB in Gasselte
– Car park at Boomkroonpad outdoor centre, Steenhopenweg 4, 9533 PN in Drouwen

Surroundings: The mountain bike route between the towns of Gieten and Borger is located in the Hondsrug region of Drenthe. The Hondsrug is an age-old natural elevation that was created at the time of the Ice Age. Originally the area was a heathland, but nowadays almost all of it consists of forests.
Some of you may know these woods and sand excavations from the Hondsrug Classic mountain bike race and the international cyclocross races.

Nature of the route: This reasonably challenging route leads largely through the forests of Staatsbosbeheer, a Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves. You’ll encounter various types of trails. Slightly wider dirt trails, beautiful winding singletracks and short climbs follow each other in close succession. The use of paved roads is kept to an absolute minimum. Although Drenthe is relatively flat, the creators of the route have managed to make good use of the hills and slopes that are there. The banks of two former sand excavations have been fully utilized, for instance. The trails that have been created here feature a few steep climbs with nice views over the blue water as a reward.
The route is rich in singletracks. These include, for instance, a beautiful flowtrail to/along the N34 road near Gasselte. In order for you to maintain your speed, banked corners have been used throughout the route. All in all, the route offers something for everyone!
The surroundings are greatly varied. One moment you’re in the middle of the forest, the next one you’re riding along a meadow or across the moor. Occasionally, you’ll cross hiking trails or bridle paths. This doesn’t have to be a problem, though. Just be friendly towards the other users of nature.

Website: MTBroute Gieten

Mountainbikeroute Exloo.png

Route Exloo

Place: Exloo

Length of the route: The route is 37.5 kilometres long.

Markers: The route is marked by plastic posts with the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 circles underneath). The connection to the route in Emmen is indicated by black signs.

Start location: You can start the route at:
– Carpool Ees, Schoolstraat, 9536 in Ees (along the N34)
– Zandgat Kremer, Buinerstraat 8, 9531CG in Exloo
– Land van Bartje Ees, Buinerweg 8, 9536 PG in Ees
– Hunebed Exloo, Bodenpad in Exloo

Surroundings: The Exloo route is located in the Hondsrug region of Drenthe in the forestry area of Exloo. The forestry area consists of production forest and storm forest. The latter derives its name from the fact that the roots of the blown-over trees are still partly in the ground, making it possible for their branches to grow into new trees. There are many burial mounds along both routes. These hills are protected archaeological monuments. Please treat them with respect.

Nature of the route: The route starts at the dolmen. Soon you’ll pass an ice rink. After making a loop you ride back and you can choose between a dirt track or a bike path to catch your breath. Then you cycle along a narrow path to an open landscape on the west side of the route.
Not far from the campsite, an old motocross circuit is part of the route. On this 1.2 kilometre long section you can really practice your steering technique. Of course you can ride a few extra rounds on this technical section if you wish. It’s also possible at this point to take a short cut to return to the starting point. Continue your ride and you’ll wind up on agricultural paths behind the village of Ees, on the east side of the route. The difference in elevation shows that you are on the Hondsrug. Via a sand slope on Hooge Veld, you now ride back to Exloo.
Using a two kilometre long connecting route, you could take in the route through the Hunzebos forest (5 km) as well. That’s a short but beautiful route. The route starts with two climbs and a short downhill section. It then continues via a steep trail towards the Hunze river. Because this is a peat area, the water drains less quickly than it does on the sandy terrain of the northern loop.

Website:  Fietsen Drenthe