About us

Camping de Berken is a real family business. In 1960 Jaap & Lammie Heijn started the adjacent "Theehuis Heijn" and in 1967 they started the campsite. By now de Berken has been in the family for three generations!

Together we have worked hard to make Camping de Berken what it is today: a modern and high quality company (ANWB rating 4*) with still a lot of attention for individual guests. The different generations now run this small-scale and friendly campsite together. For you this means that there will always be room for a friendly chat.

We still enjoy our work every day, because we know how important your vacation is to you!

We hope to see you soon at Camping de Berken!

Team de Berken

Teamfoto Camping de Berken in Drenthe

Henk Kaptein


Hi, I'm Henk, director of field operations! I have been part of the campground since 1992. Together with my wife Agnes we ran the adjacent brasserie for many years. Here I stood in the kitchen and made my delicious apple pie. Now I take care of everything that needs to be done on the grounds, such as carpentry, chores and paving. In my opinion, the best place on the campsite is the tent field: it's always cosy and pleasant.

Outside of working on the campsite, I love to go for a walk or read a good book. In addition, I sometimes play a little guitar. But I still need a lot of practice.... ;)

Agnes Heijn


Hi! My name is Agnes Heijn and I have been one of the owners of Camping de Berken since 1992. I am the jack-of-all-trades, so I can be found everywhere. I do reception work, I manage the cleaning and I make sure the campsite looks neat and tidy. From 2012 to 2019 I ran the Brasserie next to the campsite together with my husband Henk. What might be nice to tell is that I was born in this house, which was then called "Theehuis Heijn".

The most beautiful part of the campsite is the tent field. This is nicely situated at the edge of the forest and it is always so cozy here. In daily life, I love walking with our dog Loekie. Socializing with friends. Eating out and going out with our caravan.


Jos van der Weide


Hey, my name is Jos. Since 2011 I am co-owner of camping de Berken. My parents are Jan and Bea. Agnes and Henk are my aunt and uncle. Together we run our campsite. Before my parents were on the campsite it belonged to my grandparents. That makes me the 3rd generation! I have completed an education in real estate, but still chose to join team de Berken. Besides work, I enjoy playing tennis and padel.


Bea van der Weide

Nog in te vullen

I am Bea. My parents started the campsite and "Tea House Heijn" in 1960. I have one sister, Agnes. She also works at the Camping de Berken! I am married to Jan and together we have two children: Lianne and Jos. I have worked at the campsite since 1979, that's 44 years! My work is very diverse: I maintain the flower table, help with the cleaning of the toilet buildings and I also work at the reception. I am slowly reducing my work, but I still enjoy it. When I am not working on the campsite, I prefer to be hiking, biking and enjoying nature. I also enjoy babysitting the grandchildren. And if I can, I am still regularly on the tennis court! I think my favorite spot is 59 or 60. It is quiet there and you have a beautiful view of the forest!


Jan van der Weide

Nog in te vullen

I am Jan! I am married to Bea and I have been working at the campsite since 1979. I have one sister, Sandra, and two children: Lianne and Jos. You will find me mainly on the grounds: I am responsible for all technical work. When I'm not working, I like to watch movies. I also like to play golf. Since this year I have a radio-controlled airplane, which I love to fly! And what is my favorite spot on the campsite? I think 89 or 90!


Harma Bartelds


My name is Harma! I have been walking around the campsite for 17 years now. I work in cleaning and I make sure that the whole campground is clean and cared for. My favorite spot on the campsite is the area from 106 to 109. Here it is nice and quiet and I love these studios! In my spare time I like to repair clothes, making something out of nothing is a beautiful process. Furthermore, I like to cycle and I have discovered many beautiful places in the Netherlands. From the campsite there are also beautiful routes. These we have compiled in a cycling booklet and is available at the reception!


Greet van Boven


Hi, my name is Greet. This is my 6th season at camping de Berken. I enjoy working in cleaning and besides my work I like to be creative. I'm in a choir, I'm a member of a music society and I love crafts and flower arranging. I made the flower arrangements that you find at the reception and in the rental chalets. Who knows, maybe we will meet soon at camping de Berken!


Anneke Winter


My name is Anneke and I have been working at Camping de Berken for two years now. I clean the campsite: from making chalets spick and span to cleaning private sanitary facilities! In my spare time I like to be creative: I do diamond painting. I also enjoy playing bingo! I hope to see you soon at Camping de Berken!

Johan Wessels

Allround Campingmedewerker

My name is Johan and I started working at Camping de Berken since this season. I am 41 years old and I live in Stadskanaal with my wife and two children. On the campsite I am a real jack-of-all-trades. I do all the maintenance jobs that come along! The tent site is my favorite spot on the campsite. When I'm not at work I like to travel with my camper. From time to time i also like to grab my fishing rod to go out fishing!

Eline Bakker

Allround Front Office

Hi, my name is Eline! I am 24 years old and this is my first season at Camping de Berken. Besides working at the reception, I also take care of the social media of the campsite. For me, the best place on the campsite is the tent field because it's so close to the edge of the forest. In my free time I regularly play padel, I often go to concerts and I also love to travel!

Photos from the past