Viewing Sunday on 3 March 2024

Are you curious about the perfect pitch or rental for your vacation? Then come to our open day on April 6! On this day you can get inspiration or book right away. The reception is open between 10.00 and 16.00. Will we see you on this open day? See you at Camping de Berken in Drenthe.

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Artificial grass in camping: the benefits

More and more campsites nowadays choose to install artificial grass on their pitches. So does Camping de Berken! At first glance it may seem a little crazy, but it is actually very practical for both the guest and the campsite. In this blog we explain to you why we chose artificial grass at the campsite!

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Complete renovation of toilet block

In 2024, the 1st toilet block, located near the camper pitches and comfort pitches 36 to 48, was completely renovated. Including new tiles, seamless cast floor, walls and water-saving taps at the sinks, this building will be completely up to date again. Read more about what we are doing soon!

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Don't let your vacation fall into the water! Helpful tips for camping in the rain

Camping in the rain may seem tricky, but with the right mindset and preparation, it certainly doesn't have to ruin your vacation. Discover handy tips to make your rainy vacation fun in our blog. So, get out that raincoat and umbrella and read on!

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Renting a chalet or a vacation home in Drenthe: discover the differences

Will you choose a chalet or a vacation home? Although they look a lot alike, there is definitely a difference between the two options! But whichever you choose, in Drenthe you can enjoy maximum peace, space and nature. What will you choose?

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Everything you need to know before camping with a tent

Camping by tent: that's guaranteed to make for a cozy vacation. Whether you're an experienced camper or setting off with a tent for the first time, there are some important things you need to think about before getting in the car. In this blog, we share some essential tips to make your tent vacation go smoothly. From choosing the right tent to packing important supplies, we've listed everything for you!

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The beauty of camping in Drenthe's scenic nature: from basic to luxury

Step into the nature-rich world of Drenthe, where modern hustle and bustle gives way to the tranquility of the outdoors! Drenthe offers the perfect escape, with vast forests, moorlands and babbling brooks. Whether you opt for a simple adventure or some extra luxury, Drenthe has it all. Find out why this destination is a must-visit for your next camping trip!

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Nieuw in 2024

Preparations for the 2024 season are in full swing! From a new luxury family house for rent to a renovated toilet block, this is what has all been renewed and changed at Camping de Berken.

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Help, the weather is bad! 8 tips for when it's raining outside

A rainy day can add an unexpected twist to your holiday, but with these tips, you won't have to be bored. At Camping de Berken, we believe that even the wettest days can be filled with fun and relaxation. Whether you opt for adventure attractions, cultural excursions or just quality time with your company, there is something for everyone. So keep that rain coming, and turn your rainy day into an unforgettable one at our campsite!

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Booking for 2024 is possible again!

It is possible to book for 2024 from 1 July 2023!

Please note:

For comfort pitches, Comfort pitches XL and Comfort pitches with private sanitary facilities applies:

Until 2 January 2024, it is only possible to book a minimum of 4 nights in April and a minimum of 7 days for the rest of the year.

From 3 January 2024 it is possible to book shorter stays!

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New in 2023: breakfast delivery service

Nothing better than waking up and having breakfast with freshly baked buns, right? This year, we have a new sandwich service, in collaboration with our local bakery 'Echte Bakker Timmer'. You can choose from a wide range of sandwiches, such as croissants, kaiser rolls, tiger buns and much more. Fancy something sweet? You can also order pastries, cakes and chocolate!

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New: 6-person family chalets with family box

We provide the 6-bed chalets with a handy family box with family games. You can also hire a high chair and a cot for free in 2023. The children's bedrooms will be pimped up, especially in a children's theme. Everything to enhance the experience for the whole family! Will we see you in one of these fun family chalets, which are specially designed for families with children! See you at Camping de Berken.

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New in 2023

  • WIFI has been upgraded with more antenna masts and new equipment.
  • We are trying to generate more and more of our own energy by investing in solar panels.
  • It is now also possible to rent a rental chalet for 4 people and bring the dog along.
  • Pitch 95 has become a large comfort pitch on a field with rental chalets
  • The pitches with private sanitary units 14 and 15 have been enlarged by placing posts instead of bushes
  • The private sanitary units 145 - 154 have electric water heaters instead of geysers
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Campsite near 't Nije Hemelriek

't Nije Hemelriek is a household name in Drenthe. Just a stone's throw from our campsite de Berken in Gasselte, you will find this beautiful recreational lake. In summer you can swim, splash around and relax by the water. Het Nije Hemelriek is located in the Gasselterveld, which a hundred years ago was still a large nature area (filled mainly with the typical Drenthe heather) on the west side of Geopark de Hondsrug.

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Watching in the winter season?

During the winter we work hard to optimize the grounds again for the next year. Therefore, we will not be open to campers until April 1, 2023. Are you curious about our grounds? Then it is possible to come and have a look? This is always possible! But if you want to be sure to speak to someone, we would like to ask you to make an appointment. This can be done by contacting us.

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Camping with the May holidays!

Camping during the May holiday in Drenthe in 2024? At our campsite, we provide a whole range of fun activities for children or the whole family. Curious about these activities? Check out the recreational programmes here. There are also many fun activities in the immediate vicinity. Check out our top 10 activities for children.

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Renting accommodation with a dog

Taking the dog on holiday is much more fun! Read all about renting accommodation with your dog here

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Glamping with children in Drenthe

Glamping is a term that has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Glamping is a combination of the word 'glamour' and 'camping'. It stands for camping, but with the luxury that you get when you stay in a hotel. At Camping de Berken in Gasselte (Drenthe), you can fully enjoy nature with all the comforts of home!

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Camping close to the Hunebed Highway

Hunebedden are a typical Drenthe sight. Rent a camping pitch, studio or chalet at De Berken camp site and experience history up close!

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Summer holidays? Go camping in Drenthe!

Summer holidays are almost upon us. Have you already booked a holiday or are you still in doubt about your destination? We can't say it often enough: celebrate your summer holidays with us at Camping De Berken in Drenthe!

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Camping with the dog

Do you have a dog and are going on holiday? A holiday abroad involves a lot of arranging. If you choose not to take the dog with you, a boarding or babysitting address is necessary. If you do take the dog with you, you will soon have to think about the right vaccinations and procedures, especially when you go abroad. Also, a long (car) journey can be uncomfortable for the dog. Fortunately, many campsites in the Netherlands now allow you to bring your four-legged friend along! Like at campsite de Berken in Gasselte in Drenthe.

Can you bring your dog to the campsite?

Many campsites allow you to bring your dog along. This is often clearly indicated, because sometimes it differs per site whether a dog is allowed or not. At our campsite, dogs are welcome everywhere. Outside the campsite there is space to let your dog out and on the campsite itself he should always be on a leash. In addition, we take extra account of the possible presence of pets in our Berken-Studios and rental chalets with dog.

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Check availability online now!

Would you like to know the availability of a pitch or accommodation? You can now see this for yourself at the various camping and rental options! Enter the dates and a map with the available numbers will appear below! Check availability now

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Camping on the Hondsrug: what is there to do? Our top 4 activities

Will you be camping at Camping de Berken? You will find yourself in the middle of the Hondsrug between cities like Groningen, Emmen and Assen. An ideal location, because there is more than enough to do in this area. Just like at our campsite. For everyone who wants to do something outside the campsite on a regular basis, we have put together a top 4 of activities:

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Come camp at Camping de Berken on Ascension Day or Whitsun Day!

Can't wait for the summer to visit the campsite again? Then come and enjoy camping or renting something on Ascension Day and/or Whitsun Day at Camping de Berken!

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Luxury rental properties in Drenthe

A private spot in the beautiful nature of Drenthe; it is a long-cherished dream of many. You too can experience this dream, by making use of the many rental possibilities of Camping de Berken. Whether you are looking for the luxury of a chalet or the camping feeling of a tent - at our picturesque location you will find complete relaxation. Below we tell you more about the rental options.

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Children won't get bored in Drenthe | This is our Top 10

By choosing our child-friendly campsite in Drenthe, you are choosing an adventurous holiday in your own country. On the campsite itself, children will find endless opportunities to have fun. There are lovely playgrounds and we have a fantastic crafts loft. We would also like to draw your attention to our recreational programme, which is not the same every day. In addition, of course, there is plenty to do outside the campsite. If there is one province where children will not be bored, it is Drenthe. This is our Top 10.

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Hotel room in nature: experience it in Drenthe!

Do you like the luxury of a hotel but also the peace and quiet of nature? Then choosing your holiday destination is undoubtedly a difficult puzzle every year. Fortunately, Camping de Berken now offers the solution in the form of the Berkenstudio. This is a kind of luxury hotel room, but in the middle of the green nature of Drenthe. In this article we tell you all about it!

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Hotel in Gasselte: unique location

Want to completely unwind? Then a hotel in Gasselte offers all the luxury you need. To find true peace and quiet, however, you need to be in nature. After all, no other environment makes you relax so effectively. Camping de Berken therefore offers a unique combination, combining the comfort of a hotel with the beauty of the local nature in Gasselte.

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Campsite with private sanitary facilities wanted?

Enjoying the camping feeling but with the comforts of home? Then choose a campsite with its own sanitary facilities. At Camping de Berken we have various camping pitches with private sanitary facilities. What are the advantages of camping with private sanitary facilities? And for whom is a campsite with its own sanitary facilities suitable?

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The ideal campsite for mountain biking in Drenthe

Camping de Berken is the ideal base for anyone who loves hiking and cycling. And is it specifically mountain biking that interests you? Then you have come to the right place. Our campsite is centrally located in a beautiful mountain bike area in Drenthe! In this article we tell you everything you need to know as an avid mountain biker.

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Campsite in Drenthe with sanitary facilities on walking distance

Many people have a love-hate relationship with camping. There is nothing like spending time in the open air, but the endless search for a toilet facility in the dead of night is often not to their liking. Fortunately, this is not the case at De Berken, because our campsite in Drenthe offers modern sanitary facilities within walking distance of all camping pitches.

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Rent a beautiful chalet in Drenthe

Would you like to stay in green surroundings, but still enjoy the comfort of modern facilities? Then renting a chalet in Drenthe is an excellent option. And especially at Camping de Berken, located right in the impressive natural beauty of Unesco Geopark de Hondsrug. In this article, we tell you what to expect when renting one of our chalets.

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Why camping in a motorhome in Drenthe?

Traditional camping with caravan and tent does not appeal to everyone. Possible solutions then include renting a chalet or hiker's hut. But would you like to combine the mobility of a caravan with the comfort of your own chalet or cabin? Then go on holiday with a campervan! At Camping de Berken in Drenthe, you will find 4 beautiful camper pitches especially for this purpose.

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Everything for the children and a little for yourself

If the children are happy, our holiday is a success". For many parents of young children, this is an important criterion when choosing their holiday destination. Logical, of course, because what is better than to see your children enjoying themselves on holiday. But don't count yourself out! As parents, how do you ensure that you enjoy yourself as much as possible?

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The most beautiful cycling routes near Camping de Berken

Camping de Berken is perfectly located for the most wonderful bike rides. Therefore in this blog: cycling around Camping de Berken. Which routes are not to be missed?

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Want to play golf in Drenthe? Stay at our campsite!

Many inhabitants of Drenthe know that Camping de Berken is located in the middle of the beautiful Hondsrug nature reserve. But did you know that our campsite is also beautifully situated in the middle of several nearby golf courses? This makes our campsite the ideal base for anyone who wants to combine a wonderful holiday with practising their favourite sport.

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On holiday with a caravan or campervan in Drenthe - how do you make the choice?

While some have sworn by their camper vans for years, others prefer to head out in caravans. How do you make the choice? And what is the best choice for a holiday in Drenthe?

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What does a good family campsite have to fulfil?

When you go on holiday and want to go camping, you look for a campsite that appeals to the whole family. Campsites come in all shapes and sizes and a campsite that is suitable for toddlers is not necessarily suitable for older children. The trick is therefore to find a family campsite that has enough to offer both young and old. These are the criteria that such a family campsite must fulfil:

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4 advantages of camping in Drenthe

Nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to going on holiday. From adventurous treks abroad to stays in luxurious hotels and from glamping at tropical locations to camping in Drenthe. Although the latter option sounds less exciting, it is not all that bad. Why? We will explain below. Camping in Drenthe offers many advantages:

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Drouwenerzand? What can you do?

Camping de Berken is a small-scale nature campsite near Drouwenerzand in Drenthe. Besides a beautiful nature area, the amusement park of the same name is also close to our campsite. Wondering what there is to do in the Drouwenerzand area? Then read on quickly.

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Beautiful ANWB campsite in Drenthe

Looking for a beautiful ANWB campsite in Drenthe? The Royal Dutch Tourist Association ANWB rates Camping de Berken with no less than 4 stars! Our campsite is also included in the list of highly rated ANWB Charme campsites. In this article we explain why Camping de Berken is rated so highly by this Dutch tourist organisation and what requirements an ANWB campsite in Drenthe has to meet.

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Stay in a hikers cabin in Drenthe

Finding the desired holiday destination is not always easy. The simplicity of camping, for example, does not appeal to everyone, while the hustle and bustle of a hotel certainly has its drawbacks. Do you also find it difficult to choose between the above options? Then consider the golden mean: a stay in an authentic hiker's hut in Drenthe!

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Free wifi in your hiker's hut or chalet

You are looking for a campsite where your children can play, but where you yourself can find the necessary peace and quiet. That is possible at Camping de Berken in Drenthe. Get away from it all and forget the daily worries that are part of life in our hurried society. For maximum relaxation, it is even best to leave the internet behind for a while.

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5 tips for child-friendly camping in Drenthe

For children, camping is a treat: playing outside with other children all day long. And the presence of an animation team means you can relax as a parent. But how do you choose the best child-friendly campsite in Drenthe?

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This is what makes Drenthe special for children

Drenthe means peace, space and enjoying healthy forest air. As adults, we have more than enough of that; after all, holiday time is meant for de-stressing. But whether peace and quiet captivate your children is very much the question. Children want to romp around and have something to discover. They want to have adventures.

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Paardrijden in Drenthe? Verblijf op onze camping!

Camping de Berken has many loyal guests who return annually for a relaxing stay. But honesty compels us to say: it is not only the campsite itself that makes it so attractive to return. At least as attractive is the beautiful Drenthe countryside where you can enjoy horseback riding and a host of other activities.

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What do children love about camping?

The camping season is over and the children are back at school, with a week of autumn holidays as a welcome break. Perhaps you are taking them into the woods to look for mushrooms, an amusement park is on the programme, or you have other plans. Going camping' is probably not one of them, because apart from the campsites with mostly regular guests, most seasonal campsites are already closed.

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Why go to a quiet campsite?

You are busy enough with the hectic pace of everyday life. Work commitments, private obligations and other environmental influences all demand your attention. Once in a while, it is time to escape from this hustle and bustle. You then consciously choose a quiet holiday and, of course, this is most easily found at a quiet camp site.

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The advantages of camping with private sanitary facilities

When you choose a camping holiday, you make a conscious choice for the outdoors. However, that by no means means means going back to basics in every respect. At Camping de Berken, for example, you can choose between two underfloor sanitary blocks, but you can also opt for a comfort pitch with private sanitary facilities. In this article, we tell you all about the advantages of having your own sanitary facilities on your camping pitch.

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Chalet, studio or hiker's hut rental in Drenthe: how to choose?

You would like to enjoy the camping feeling with the luxury of rental accommodation. Then Camping de Berken is the right place for you! At our campsite you can choose from various rental accommodations. A chalet, a chalet de luxe, a studio or a hikers' hut, how do you choose?

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On expedition in Drenthe

Spring. Who does not long for it? Especially after all the wet and stormy weather of the past few days, it is high time for some sunshine and milder conditions. The season of small and large holiday and camping trade fairs has already begun, which means that we are already more or less in the spring mood - weather or no weather.

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Camping in Drenthe: what's on offer? 3 tips!

Would you like to camp in Drenthe? Big time! Drenthe is perhaps the most beautiful province in the Netherlands! Space, peace and nature, what more can a person want. Wondering what you can do in Drenthe around Camping de Berken? In this blog we give three tips for activities in our beautiful province!

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Ein Schlafsack vervollständigt das Campingerlebnis der Kinder

As winter arrives and the camping season seems miles away, it is good to think of something warm. By this we do not mean a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine, but a product that will certainly appeal to the true camping enthusiast: the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come in all sorts of designs and the right one will keep you warm.

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What are the best activities for children at a campsite?

On and around a campsite like Camping de Berken there is plenty to do. Especially for children, who can play to their heart's content in the green surroundings and have endless fun. Can you use a little inspiration? Below, we have listed the best activities for children at and around our campsite:

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Camping with the cold: how do I stay warm?

Camping de Berken is closed in the months between 1 October and 1 April. But even during the months we are open, it can sometimes be cold. Want to make sure you don't get cold during cold days/nights? Then follow our tips to at least not get too cold during your camping trip:

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Camping still gains ground

We can look back on a beautiful and busy season with changing weather. By the way, it is always nice to experience that children don't care about that. They go on adventures anyway, weather or no weather. And if it is too much for them, many campsites also offer indoor activities. We have our indoor playground and craft loft for that and they make good use of it.

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Little people love Drenthe

Little people love Drenthe. As an exception, we are not referring to the many children who enjoy an unforgettable camping holiday on and around our campsite. No, in this case we are referring to the 'Funnel Beaker People', small people from a distant past who left unique historical traces in Drenthe.

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How do you stay cool at the campsite?

In recent years, the popularity of camping at home has grown considerably. Not surprising considering the rising temperatures. But how do you stay cool when camping?

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There is always something to do in the villages of Drenthe

With so many attractions and activities for children, it is not easy to leave our family campsite during your camping holiday. Nevertheless, we recommend it. Because there is a lot to do and discover in our beautiful province and our campsite is the ideal base for that. Do the children balk because they are absorbed in their play with friends? Then treat them to a tasty pancake.

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Want to cook? Nothing nicer than cooking in the open air

Are you still looking for a gift for Saint Nicholas or Christmas? And preferably a gift that the whole family can enjoy, for example during the next camping holiday in Drenthe? Then a skottelbraai or cobb might be something for you. Both outdoor cooking appliances are a versatile and above all safe alternative to the barbecue.

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Discovering Drenthe for two? This is our Top 10

Lovely, such a camping holiday in Drenthe. And at Camping De Berken, we make our guests feel so comfortable that you hardly want to leave the grounds. But, to be honest, that's a bit of a waste. After all, there is so much to discover and experience in Drenthe. Looking for fun trips for just the two of you? Take advantage of our personal Top 10.

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Camping with toddlers: what to think about?

You're going camping with toddlers! Fun, but it can also be challenging.It gives you a chance to enjoy being in nature, discover new things and make memories. On the other hand, extra planning and preparation may be required. But it's worth it either way! This blog discusses important issues when camping with toddlers, so you can fully enjoy the vacation.

The advantages of private sanitary facilities at the campsite: camping with extra comfort

Escape the bustle of shared bathroom facilities and embrace the luxury of camping with private bathrooms. Discover why more and more campers are choosing comfort, tranquility and hygiene at campsites with their own bathrooms. Whether you're a couple looking for a quiet vacation with privacy or a family wanting extra convenience, prepare for a worry-free stay amidst the natural. Read on and consider making the move to a vacation with a touch of luxury.