Recreation programme

From 28 April – 3 May and from 14 July – 23 August 2019, various indoor and outdoor activities will be organized for your children. There are also various activities for the whole family. The recreation programme runs from Sunday evening through Friday morning. Every week the programme is linked to a theme, such as pirates, Cowboys and Indians, magic, the Olympics, nature, spring fever, …

In the morning we often do arts and craft projects in the craft loft  of the ’Berkabouter’ or we play games inside or outdoors. In the afternoon we go outside as much as possible, for example to play forest games, bake bread on a real fire, play water games, go ‘fox hunting’ or enjoy other activities. Every week there’s a fun treasure hunt in the forest or the moors for the whole family. In addition, there are occasional special activities such as an evening game with a special theme, a games night or variety show. On Fridays we traditionally close out the week with a treasure dig or an exciting forest game, topped off with a feast of ‘poffertjes’ (small, fluffy pancakes). At the beginning of the evening the littlest ones are treated to some fun and educational time with the gnomes Drop and Dreutel.