Vakantiehuis huren in Drenthe

Chalet met frontkamer in Drenthe

Family fun in our luxury holiday home!

In April 2024, Camping de Berken will open a large and luxurious family house. Our newest accommodation promises an oasis of peace and comfort for families looking for a modern and comfortable vacation home, but still want to stay in the middle of nature!

Imagine an environment where rest and relaxation go hand in hand with the comforts of a well-equipped home. This spacious accommodation can accommodate 8 to 10 people, making it the perfect location for your next family vacation. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility. It is a perfect place to make unforgettable memories with the whole family!

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Master bedroom Chalet 6-persoons de luxe in Drenthe

That's why a chalet near Borger!

  • Quiet location 5 km from Borger
  • Spacious chalets for 2, 4 and 6 persons
  • Fully equipped
  • Own kitchen
  • Sunshade or canopy
  • Luxury veranda plus outdoor set
  • Television and wifi
  • Comfortable beds
  • Pleasant bathroom
  • Parking next to the accommodation
  • Beautiful cycling and walking routes from the campsite
  • Several dolmens within walking and cycling distance from the campsite
  • Surrounded by woods and heathland
  • Ideal base due to central location
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Comfortplaatsen rondom een veldje

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The best 5 day trips from your holiday home in Drenthe

If you are looking for a vacation home for the whole family (suitable for 8 to 10 persons) in Drenthe, you are in the right place at Camping de Berken. Drenthe has so much to offer in terms of nature and culture. Here are five top outings from the family vacation home in Drenthe:

Admiring hunebedden in Borger Borger is the place for hunebedden. The Hunebedcentrum is great for learning more about these ancient monuments. And you can also enjoy walking past various hunebeds there.

Adventure at the Boomkroonpad in Drouwen The Boomkroonpad takes you among the treetops. Some 1250 meters long with great views. And don't forget to visit the Boomkroonpad Outdoor Center.

Cycling through National Park the Drentsche Aa A beautiful nature reserve for cycling. There are beautiful routes that lead you to the most enchanting places. Enjoy the tranquility along the way.

Explore the cities of Assen and Emmen Assen with its TT circuit and the Drents Museum. And Emmen with Wildlands Adventure Zoo and the Veenpark are both worth a visit.

Walk through the Drouwenerzand nature reserve A beautiful place to walk, known for its sand and heathlands. And you can also spot various animals, such as deer and foxes.

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Most sought-after holiday homes in Drenthe

Drenthe is a beautiful province in the Netherlands where many nature lovers like to spend their vacations. Staying in an 8 to 10 person vacation home in Drenthe is therefore popular among holidaymakers. But what are the most sought after amenities such a vacation home?

Enough bedrooms When you go on vacation with the whole family, it is nice that there are enough bedrooms and beds. Our family home has four spacious bedrooms, sleeping a total of 8 to 10 people. All bedrooms have comfortable beds!

Spacious veranda A spacious veranda for relaxing is high on the list of many vacationers who rent a family house in Drenthe. It is the place to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Especially when the weather is a little less, it is nice to be able to sit outside in a sheltered way.

Partial canopy with luxury garden furniture A partial canopy with luxury garden furniture is another much sought-after feature in a vacation home in Drenthe. This allows you to sit outside and enjoy the view and tranquility even in bad weather. The luxury garden set completes the picture and provides extra comfort.

Bicycle rental Drenthe is known for its extensive bicycle routes and many vacationers like to explore the area by bike. Therefore, bicycle rental is an important provision in a nature cottage in Drenthe. This way, you don't have to bring your own bikes and you can hit the road right away.

All in all, there are several amenities that vacationers look for when renting a nature cottage in Drenthe. A spacious porch, partial canopy with luxury garden furniture, bicycle rental, are some examples. Not surprisingly, these vacation homes are so popular among nature lovers and families with children.

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Hiking in Drenthe from Camping de Berken

If you are staying in the beautiful nature cottage in Drenthe, hiking is an absolute must. Various routes for beginners and advanced hikers start from Camping de Berken and are connected to the walking network. This allows you to put together your own route and discover the heathlands, forests and stream valleys and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Spotting wildlife while walking
While hiking in Drenthe, there is also a chance of encountering wild animals, such as deer and foxes. This makes hiking extra special and adventurous.

Combine hiking with a picnic or a cosy lunch
Besides hiking, you can also enjoy a delicious picnic or cosy lunch. Bring a basket with tasty sandwiches and drinks and find a nice spot to enjoy the surroundings. Or choose a restaurant near the walking route and enjoy a nice lunch after the walk.

Rent a holiday home in Drenthe for 2 people
Would you like to fully enjoy the hiking trails in Drenthe? Then rent a holiday home in Drenthe for 2 people. This is possible for example at Camping de Berken, where you can start walking straight from your cottage. This way you are always close to nature and can fully enjoy all the beauty that Drenthe has to offer.